Data Center

Our Data Centre provides secure and connected environments where customers connect, house, and distribute their infrastructure, services, and applications.
We provide both managed and unmanaged services on customer hardware and through dedicated instances on our HyperConverged Infrastructure which offers more redundancy and scalability than traditional hardware. Our extensive fiber network also ensures that the delivery of the services from our DC enjoys the best speeds and lowest latencies.
Our Services Include..

Suburban Co-Location Service

Enjoy the benefit of a professional Data Center Service, by hosting your PHYSICAL SERVER at any of our Data Centers within Nigeria with an annual rental charge, your Data Center overhead cost (Power, HVAC, Bandwidth, Maintenance, Network Security) is reduced by over 250% to just a fraction.

Port Charges

We provide dedicated connection Ports from within our network at 100Mbps, 1Gbps (1000 Mbps), and 10Gbps port speeds.
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